Travel Shots: Quick Trip to Lago Atitlán

This weekend I went to Lago Atitlán to enjoy the enchanted forests of el pueblo, San Marcos.  San Marcos is one of many towns bordering the lake and is known for its mystic atmosphere, but definitely not its nightlife. Although San Marcos did not offer much other than meditation after dinner, there was plenty to do in the sunshine.  


We stayed at hotel La Paz in a thatched roofed cabana with bathrooms showered in foliage, a traditional Mayan sauna, and yoga available at all hours of the day.
The walk way to La Paz
Our outdoor shower, equipped with a verdant roofing system.
After practicing yoga in the fresh morning air, Rachel and I climbed rocks and navigated steep mountain paths to find a quiet place to sunbathe.  We jumped from cliffs overlooking the clear water, swam amongst miniature crabs, and sunbathed near nude swimmers.  We stayed on the rocks until dusk, befriending both locals and travelers as they passed by.  
The edge or our perfect sunbathing rock
Despite its peaceful ambience, the empty town became a little eerie in the evenings.   Rachel and I got the impression that San Marcos could be a dangerous, albeit beautiful, place to get lost in at night. 
  The largest street in San Marcos

After dinner Saturday night, we went looking for a bit of revery, but only found deserted gardens and some wandering locals; the winding dirt paths were empty, all three restaurants were closed, and the hippies must have wrapped themselves in their fair trade ponchos and retired to meditate.
Locals doing their thing
When I have a long weekend, I plan to return to Lago Atitlán. A day and half was not nearly enough. 

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