Travel Shots: Next Stop, Macau

After lunch Saturday, Courtney and I took a little jaunt to Macau (a former Portuguese colony) to activate my employment visa.

The trip started out smoothly with plenty of English signs pointing us toward the ferry ticket counters that so very kindly accepted credit cards. Score!

Once on the boat, we road through a creepy fog until…

What’s that ahead? Flashing lights? The Vegas of Asia emerged.

A free shuttle took us to the Grand Lisboa, an immense casino decorated garishly with what I assume have to be ersatz crystal because they were everywhere: On doorways, escalators, lampshades, door knobs and chandeliers.

As we were admiring the sparkles, tiny Asian girls with push-up bras and stilettos roamed the gaudy halls. I don’t know if they were hookers or just looking for an expat banker to pay for their drinks, but either way, I can’t blame them. If I looked like that in a tube dress, I’d never take it off.

But, since we didn’t have any money to gamble and were shamefully underdressed (or, maybe, overdressed?), we turned our backs to the bright lights and hit the cobblestone streets.  We made our way to the city square, a Portuguese plaza decorated for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

On our way back to the ferry terminal, we ducked into a cafe called Carnival to pick up one of Macau’s popular Portuguese egg tarts:

Day 161 - Egg Tarts

Macau is even more famous for hosting the world’s tallest bungee jump. Maybe next time…

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Kate Springer

Freelance writer and editor based in Hong Kong. Contributor at CNN, Forbes Travel Guide, BBC Travel, Fodor's Travel Guide, superfuture, Tatler, and more.

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