Travel Shots: Window of the World, Shenzhen

Yes, we went to a Chinese theme park in Shenzhen, China (Guangdong Province). It’s pretty easy to get to from Hong Kong — hourlong MTR ride then cab to the park.

Location of Shenzhen in the province
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Jared, Courtney and I saw everything from a mini Siem Reap to a massive Niagara Falls. I feel pretty cultured, but am not reconsidering the trips I have planned.

Following the park, we made our way to a local dim sum restaurant where we were mocked for many things, including our confusion about what we were eating (is this fruit a complimentary appetizer or the centerpiece?) to how we were using chop sticks (no, for the third time I do not want a fork).  Despite feeling like a tourist attraction, the food was good and the company even better.

Once we finished stuffing ourselves with pork dumplings and shrimp, we headed to Lowu Commercial City, a mall filled to the brim with knock off goods and an aggressive sales force. From Gucci sunglasses to Chanel watches, this overwhelming shopping mecca had it all. Amidst all of the material mania, I stumbled upon a charming little tea shop tucked in the back corner of the chaotic building and ended buying a quarter pound of jasmine pearl tea as well as a fuchsia ceramic tea set.  All for $15 U.S.

I would have walked away with more, but Jared saved Courtney and me from spending way too much money on knock off purses. As we counted our cash, he derailed us for agreeing to what Americans would consider a reasonable price. “Seriously? You’re gong to pay how much for a knockoff purse?” he chided. “We’re in China for God’s sakes.”

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