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Wishlist: Cath Kidston’s New Travel Line

I’m not usually a fan of the girly girl looks from Cath Kidston
(, but this line stole my heart. I love the vintage-looking florals, smart picnic backpacks and natural-hued safari prints. Here are a few of my faves.

Cath Kidston Travel Luggage

Love this pretty little wheely bag

Cath Kidston Roses Backpack

This rosey backpack is both romantic and practical. US$93

Cath Kidston Roses Umbrella

No reason that a bit of rain should make you feel blue, US$76

Cath Kidston Safari Line

The safari line is all about camo colors and natural materials.

Cath Kidston wine picnic backpack Safari

Yes! Priorities first! Everyone needs a picnic/hiking/safari backpack with wine glass holders. US$76

Cath Kidston Safari Overnighter

Who knows? Some adorable prints may inspire your next travel destination. US$244


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Kate Springer

Freelance writer and editor based in Hong Kong. Contributor at CNN, Forbes Travel Guide, BBC Travel, Fodor's Travel Guide, superfuture, Tatler, and more.

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