News Flash: Starwood Hotels Go Keyless

The days of trawling your pockets for that elusive hotel room key may be over: Starwood Hotels just launched a mobile app that unlocks rooms with smartphones. The brand has rolled out its SPG Keyless technology at 10 hotels worldwide—including Hong Kong’s very own W hotel—and plans to incorporate it into 150 Starwood properties by the end of 2015. So what does it mean for guests? If you’re part of the Starwood Preferred Guest program, you can pre-register via the app, then skip the front-desk queue at check-in and enter your room using Bluetooth. It’s a pretty simple point-and-go process, but the technology-averse still have the option of carrying a traditional keycard.
W Hong Kong, 1 Austin Rd. West, West Kowloon, 3717-2222,

Key to the future?
Key to the future?

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Kate Springer

Freelance writer and editor based in Hong Kong. Contributor at CNN, Forbes Travel Guide, BBC Travel, Fodor's Travel Guide, superfuture, Tatler, and more.

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