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Travel Gear of the Year

For the past year, I’ve been keeping track of all my favorite new travel bits and bobs, from techy gadgets to quirky comforts. Some of these I’ve tried, others I’ve coveted: in any case, these should make your next holiday that much easier.

Jump Starter

Frequent travelers know the fury of ever-dying batteries, but that’s yesterday’s heartbreak thanks to Native Union’s handy Jump Cable. Not only is the leather-clad pouch as classy as cable carriers come, but the two-in-one charger adds a 30 percent power boost to your device, offers a USB charging port, and even charges itself automatically.

Jump Special Edition_MFI1

US$77 from Native Union,

Fast & Furrious

If you want to get some shut-eye on a long-haul, you may as well look as cute as possible. The panda eye masks from G.O.D. are equal parts hilarious and adorable—not to mention they’re actually pretty comfortable thanks to the furry ears.

G.O.D. eye mask and ear muff $125

US$19 from G.O.D.,

Flash Forward

Sony’s DSC-RX100M3 point-and-shoot digital camera sets a new benchmark. Thanks to a fancy Zeiss lens and a large sensor, it’s comparable in quality to a DSLR but way more convenient to carry around. It’s an investment, but I can’t recommend it highly enough if you travel or take lots of food photos. And who in Hong Kong doesn’t?

Sony's DSC-RX100M3

US$811 from Sony,

An Apple a Day

Dress up your iPad and Apple devices with colorful and minimalistic origami VersaCover cases from Moshi. They fold in all kinds of unimaginable ways, so you can adjust your device to suit your activity. Moshi also produces some gorgeous iPhone covers, as well as industrial-strength glass screen protectors.


Cases starting at US$74 from Moshi,


We all have that jet-setting pal with envy-inducing Instagram photos. I have just the thing: this company called Printstagram enables you to create all kinds of cool gear from your friends’ Instagram collections—think tees, posters, collages, books, calendars, frames, or simple squares.


US$12 for set of 24 squares from Printstagram,

Make That Paper

Suggesting a Kindle may not be terribly novel, but the latest Paperwhite iteration is among my favorite belongings. The automatically adjustable backlight is a game-changer, because now you can read anywhere at any time. The touch-screen and Wi-Fi browsing makes shopping for new books a breeze.


US$119 from Amazon,

Yoga a Go Go

Lululemon’s “(Un) Mat” travel yoga mat is smartly designed: thin enough so that you can easily roll it up into your suitcase, while still comfortable for all your favorite postures. Plus the Drishti yoga mat tote is pretty cute too!

(Un) Mat
US$58 from Lululemon,

What are your favorite travel finds of 2014? Let me know in the comments below!


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