When in the World? 2015 Travel Inspiration

I’ve just finished putting together my 2015 travel calendar: it includes lots of wishlist destinations, as well as some easy weekend hops. To get my schedule in order, I weaved together a “When to Go” guide to exploring Asia’s big backyard. Hope it serves you well, too!

Winter Wanderings: December-March

Koh Samui—One of Thailand’s most romantic islands, Koh Samui is an evergreen destination with solid sunny skies for half the year, from March ’till about August. I’m going for the first time at the end of January to avoid the high season prices. Any advice? I’m all ears!

Sri Lanka—I’ve had my eye on Sri Lanka for some time now, and it’s driest and sunniest from December to April. I’m heading there over Chinese New Year for a week, so send over your top tips.

Sunrise at Millabedda,Hopton, Sri Lanka
Sunrise in Sri Lanka. Photo: Uditha Wickramanayaka/Flickr

Spring Excursions: March-May

Beijing—I have a confession to make. I’ve been in Hong Kong three years now, and I’ve never been to Beijing. Face palm. This year I’m going to make it to the capital, preferably between late March and mid-May to avoid the insufferable humidity and uninhabitable pollution.

Boracay—Ahh, Boracay. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a negative dispatch from this pristine island. I hear it’s hard to get to, so I’m setting aside at least four days this spring, when it’s all blue skies and blazing sunshine.

Japan—I’m off to the southern island of Okinawa over Easter, which is should be nice and toasty thanks to its tropical location. Spring is actually the best time to visit the more Central parts of Japan too, mostly because it’s cherry blossom season. Just avoid Golden Week (usually the end of April) at all costs—unless you’re cool with sleeping in a capsule hotel for three times the usual rate. I speak from experience.

Cliffs of Okinawa. Photo: Troy Williams/Flickr
Cliffs of Okinawa. Photo: Troy Williams/Flickr

Summer Swell: June-August

Langkawi—Temperatures are pretty sweltering all year round in Langkawi, so what you really need to worry about is rain: usually from September to November. Basically any time between late April to August is fair game. Maybe I’ll finally learn to scuba dive…

Fall Flyers: September-December

Myanmar—My colleague just got back from a very photogenic trip to Myanmar and I’m working hard to conceal my envy. It’s high on my shortlist for 2015; I’m banking on the Christmas holiday since the weather’s best from October-February.

Rajasthan—Ever since writing about some of India’s most glorious palace hotels (from my desk, mind you), I’ve been reeling for a trip to Rajasthan. The best time of year starts in November, when temperatures have cooled and you can catch Pushkar Camel Fair, one of India’s major cultural festivals.

City Palace of Udaipur. Photo: Dennis Jarvis/Flickr
City Palace of Udaipur. Photo: Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Palawan—Another colleague just got back from an incredible trip to Palawan in the Philippines, where she spent a week floating around on a boat and sippin’ on coconuts. Sounds pretty good, right? I hope to sail through this famously immaculate archipelago next October.

Already been to one of these spots? Leave me your top tips in the comments below. Or tell me what’s on your wishlist for 2015.


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