Prone to spontaneous weekend trips? Addicted to exploring Asia? We are too! From weekend hops to week-long adventures, Atlas Unplugged brings you quick-hit itineraries, cool hotels and awesome accessories for flash-packing travelers.

Who’s here? My name is Kate Springer, and I’m an American journalist who has lived for spurts in Florence, Italy; Rancagua, Chile; and Antigua, Guatemala. Based in Hong Kong for the past four years, I have been focusing on travel, lifestyle and culture reporting.

My work has been published by Fodor’s, BBC Travel, TIMEForbes Travel Guide, Home Journal, Expat Parent Magazine, Liv Magazine, Horizon Magazine, Post Magazine, Sotheby’s, the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and more. When I’m not ambling around Asia, you’ll find me dabbling in photography and devouring xiao long bao dumplings.

Have questions, comments or want to contribute articles to the Atlas Unplugged community? Leave me a note below!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Kate, I would love to get in contact about something Hong Kong related I think may be of interest to you, is there a contact email I can use for you?

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